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Tolerance is strangling the Left



The Left holds to certain values: that we’re fundamentally equal, that peace is natural, our nature inclines toward cooperative community, that we each start out innocent, that justice and human wellbeing are prime values, and that the basics: health, education and decent treatment, are rights.

Further, the Left holds that we design our societies and our morality, that truth is always modified by discovery, and following from decent treatment, any suffering at the hands of other humans is a moral wrong. The Left holds that we are a diverse bunch, with an ideal in mutual trust and tolerance.


Right wingers hold many of the opposites: that we are born naturally and usefully unequal, that our nature inclines us to competition and that war is natural, that health, wellbeing and decent treatment are nice if you can get them but are never guaranteed, only won by success at competition, which in a good nation you have freedom to try for; further that we are God-designed, and our morality is therefore fixed. That in a dangerous world suffering is an enduring historical reality, and empathy (perhaps altruism) is a waste. The Right holds that truth is never changing.

 The Right claims not to have ideology

There are other differences. The Left, for example, is more flexible with its ideas, and sometimes adopts ideology, such as social contracts, for the basis of society, and it trusts in reason. The Right claims not to be ideological, saying that it deals with facts. Another difference: if you could divide the world into two types of people, those who concern themselves with good vs. bad, and those who concern themselves with strong vs. weak, then the Left would be the first type and the Right would be the second.

Many of the Right’s beliefs congeal around strength. The Right’s loathing of the idea of social equality stems from its conviction that since we cannot all be strong, we can only equalize at our lowest common denominator, the weakest. The Right’s endorsing torture comes from this preoccupation with being strong. The Right despises democracy, which it characterizes as majority rule by the less fit and the weak. In the Right’s  ideology, a civil society is where bloodthirsty competition is sublimated into money and business, but winners and losers are a fixture. The Right’s best leader is a strong person, not necessarily a morally good one, because, they claim, history shows the strong have survived. Most of the Right’s social judgments are derived from what works, not from what is good.


The Right’s values do not include tolerance. Not tolerance of diverse people, nor changing social ideas, nor relativism nor evolving truths. They are dogmatic about this; their basic values are backward-looking to fixed principles, often drawn from the Bible. The Bible is not a happy document, it describes strife, wars, treachery, murder, mayhem and pestilence; and it states clearly which are good and bad types of people. In the Bible’s world, a person’s best shot is faith, not reason, and the faith has to be strong and unwavering, and these things are not open for debate. In all, the Right upholds tradition, and opposes change.


And so to the present, and the recent political victory to the Democrats. The election was not a landslide victory, and we still face the Right’s presence, and all their ideology, which is still strong. By way of image, the ship of state has been listing to the right since Reagan’s inauguration, 1980, and it has been sailing tipped. So over twenty-eight years, the ballast has shifted. If the Left wants change now, will it happen through our being tolerant and good natured with the way things are?

 Fog on rock

Unlikely. It will take a solid shove. The Right has a solidness, a density, and an enduring position is this nation. It’s power derives from knowing dogmatically what it wants and what it doesn’t, what it favors and what it opposes – these translate directly into political will.

The Left has no such will. It is still not sure what is good. It has taught itself for decades to be nonjudgmental. The Left is not ready to make value decisions yet, because it wants to hear from everybody. It is not ready to declare priorities, for fear of neglecting somebody.

Learning to survive on that right-tipped ship, the Left has started to live that way: it has begun to adopt the money-consciousness and competitive materialism which is the Right’s strong hand, and now Lefties find themselves justifying both sides. So the Left’s political skills are a confusion. It is hesitant. Against the Right’s certainty, the Left has no more power than fog against rock.

Making a judgment is not wrong when you see harmful government policy. But you don’t become an agent of change just by being analytical, or universally accepting. There is no correct New Age tolerance for wiretapping, no good Zen of foreclosures. The first step is to look around, decide what is nonsense, and say so.

 Right nonsense

Here is some nonsense: The Right’s dictum, that might makes right. Here is some more: the conservative belief that inequality and injustice are in the nature of things, when the evidence shows that inequality is not inevitable since some of this planet’s societies are egalitarian, and that only some people are unjust, so injustice is not fixed in our nature. Here is some more, but the first part is a political reality: it works out that two of the basic values in democracy, freedom and equality, are always naturally opposed. An equal mix is good, but of the two, the Right presses for more freedom, the Left for more equality. Now the nonsense: Libertarians, being very conservative, press solely for freedom, so that in America, already the most unequal of advanced nations, they will just make social inequality worse. (Libertarians subscribe to ‘natural law,’ which predates the Bible).

The Right’s corkscrew logic is everywhere, and not hard to find. Here is some more nonsense:  if everybody does what they want, the nation will prosper. Finally, one that is a current national policy: In this day and age, America is the biggest producer of food in the world. As the government admits, the economy is bad, many Americans are going hungry. But we are sending our surplus food overseas.

 Virtue of intolerance

Does it work to be polite, cautious, making suggestions? That way, we will wait for changes. The sun rises and expires.

If you see the good, but cannot reach it, then where’s the virtue in being tolerant?

Reaching the good takes more than intelligence, more than hopeful concern. We are up against religious dogmatics. We are up against the flame throwers on Right radio. It will take a solid shove. We have done it before. Welcome back the Left’s adversarial culture of the 60s. Not so polite, but it got change. Intolerance sometimes works wonders.

It’s time to get snotty.




  1. “So invariably do the laws of nature create our duties and interests, that when they seem to be at variance, we ought to suspect some fallacy in our reasonings.” –Thomas Jefferson to Jean Baptiste Say, 1804. ME 11:3

    What you identify as your values are yours and however you have arrived at them are yours as well, but why must the government be used to force your values on others?
    Is forcing values upon the citizens the purpose of government?

    Is it because that although you preach a Syllabus of Love and pretend to want to give people something for nothing that what you really desire is to domineer them instead?
    How do property rights and the legalization of freedom fit into your Syllabus?

    Do not your desires contradict the laws of nature and thus is not there fallacy in your reasonings?

    Comment by ÅtlasHugged | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. There are medications and treatments for what you suffer from.

    Comment by Randy | May 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Getting snotty isn’t gonna cut it. In fact, until you get a new perspective on things your philosophy will fail. The right is not spouting nonsense and you are making claims about the right that are patently false. This isn’t about might makes right, nor is it about morality. Its about reality!

    You want to know why things are falling apart it is the globalization, the cosmopolitan multicultural madness. Freedom means different things to different people, its just a useless catch phrase…equality is a lie nothing is equal stop being dilusional. You call the Right “backwards” when it is you who has turned logic on its head!

    Comment by WN | June 6, 2009 | Reply

  4. Wow! “WN” just proved several of your key points with his nonsensical rant…as if he has a monopoly on what is “reality.” Bottom line, WN is wrong! How’s that for being snotty. I’d like to metaphorically kick him in the spincter! Go somewhere else to peddle your stupidity WN!

    Comment by Leo | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  5. And Randy’s succinct comment is that of a moron. Wonder what meds and treatments he’s done? I suspect a frontal lombotomy has already occurred since he ended his meager sentence with a preposition.

    Comment by Leo | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  6. AtlasHugged: Huh? You used a famously rightest technique of clipping out of context a sentence that has to do with Jefferson commenting on Malthus’ theories with regard to agriculture and manufacturing…in particular, whether or not America should concentrate on just agriculture to the exclusion of manufacturing. Let’s see what Jefferson said next: “In solving this question, too, we should allow its just weight to the moral and physical preference of the agricultural, over the manufacturing, man.” Seems like a moot question today. By the way, although I agree with Jefferson on many things, becoming a farmer is not one of them…and of course I agree with Marshall’s decision in Marbury v. Madison…

    Comment by Leo | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  7. Memo to the Republican Party: You are a party of European-Americans. Accept it or die.

    Kevin MacDonald


    Comment by jedberten | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  8. Good site. Great work!

    Comment by John H. Austin | June 21, 2009 | Reply

  9. My understanding of “getting snotty” is violent revolution as opposed to the gradualist Fabian change agentry that has worked so well over the past 90 or so years? Come ON, if you can’t convert a nation to Marxism in 12 years of compulsory “mind molding”, just shoot the ones who won’t go with the program?
    I’ll never understand folks who demand jobs instead of economic opportunity, egalitarianism and dumbing down instead of liberty, the “security” of a herd animal to liberty, the desire to be ruled by far off foreigners, the desire to be “ruled” at all. Marxism is death, war is death, government “education” is indoctrination and dumbing down and the MSM is propaganda and distraction. Thank goodness for the death of celebrities, it is so useful.

    Marxists are just scared little nihilistic animals demanding a heavenly utopia in a world where thugs (the “worst WILL rise to the top”, no matter the form of politics) are happy to provide their version of it.

    Please, do TRY to overcome your government skooling.

    Comment by Would be amused, but | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  10. As a conservative (and let us be honest it is not right/left, it is conservative and liberal) I believe the following.
    1. I believe in the Constitution.
    2. I believe that everyone, no matter what their ethnic or religious background, the ability to achieve and that America provides the greatest opportunity to achieve of any nation in history.
    3. I believe the individual is responsible for the consequences and rewards of their own actions and decisions.
    4. I believe that the United States, based on the writings of our founding fathers and their ideas and vision of this republic, was created as a fundamentally Christian nation without respect to a particular sect or denomination of an established Christian movement. In other words the ideals of America as found in our founding documents had their basis in Christian thought held common by all various institutions of Christian belief.
    5. I believe that all people, without regard to racial or religious backgrounds, are guarantied the rights and liberties as established in the Constitution and it is the responsibility of our government to uphold these rights for everyone.
    6. I believe that people, when presented the opportunity to succeed without encumbrances from outside forces that benefit from oppression, have a desire to achieve and are capable of greatness.
    Those are the tenets of my conservative thought and they have served me well. My opposition to liberalism is the desire on the part of liberals to interject socialist ideals into the Constitution which, in effect, destroys the very framework of this republic and destroys the grand vision that our founding fathers had for the United States.
    Carl Duckett

    Comment by carlduckett | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  11. The Left/Right paradigm noted above is skewed in the wring direction. The Left says that Man is basically Good, all men are “fundamentally equal,” The Left conveniently shields its eyes from the Reality that though all men might be equal before God, we are not equal in our abilities or inclinations except that unlike the Left’s assertion that Man is Good only his institutions are corrupt. Is this what leads men to viciouly kill each other? NO! Man’s institutions are corrupt because Man is corrupt! Some of us,however, learn to live in self control and relative Peace with each other. And here is the Crux of the matter: No nation or culture based on the concpet of internal self control and acknowlegment of a higher Transcendant Order will long last if each generation fails to pass those values to the next. Ancient Greece and Rome are prime examples of this principle. But today comes into focus not Left vs Right vs Libertarian, these are smokescreens to hide what is REALLY going on RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES, AND WE ARE TOO DUMB, OR TOO CLOSE TO BE ABLE TO FOCUS IN ON IT! It’s NOT L/R, it’s a more insidious attempt to take control over the whole of Mankind, and our new electronic technologies finally make it possible. Wake up to the Truth! PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE SCREEN! He is the one who has pulled the strings of every President since LBJ, and before JFK. The International Banksters are the Guilty Ones! Goldman-Sachs, Rockefeller, Rothschild…all guilty!

    Comment by JohnnyGulag | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  12. I believe that religion is good, after all, it provides a non-arbitrary set of morals that guides one through life. Also, in the Constitution, it says that these are rights endowed by our creator. If one does not believe in a religion, then this is meaningless and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are arbitrary, man-given rights that can be taken away or changed.

    Comment by Anonymous | August 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Also, the only reason there is Conservative radio is because Liberals control 1. the News Channels 2. The Newspapers 3. Basically every other source of media there is in this world today (for example, Obama is not letting certain people [those that don’t agree with him] into those town hall meetings discussing health care

      Comment by Anonymous | August 17, 2009 | Reply

      • “the only reason there is Conservative radio is because Liberals control 1. the News Channels 2. The Newspapers 3. Basically every other source of media there is in this world today”

        Right-wing extremists have been repeating that outright lie since the 1970s (because allowing a diversity of opinions and ideals is a basic liberal goal) and so they got rid of the Fairness Doctrine and now we have FOX News, which is clearly biased towards the right, and MSNBC which reacted to what FOX News was doing by leaning more to the left. So the claim that there was a liberal media was a lie back them, but it’s true now because of Conservatives taking over so many media outlets and pushing them to the right. The liberal media now is an alternative to all that dreck right-wingers make.

        Comment by Dale Husband | June 25, 2011

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