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GOP eats itself

A seething brew among Republicans has come to a boil. The party may fall apart.  “Everybody is basically pissed,” according to this account.

In fact the party has lost its lights. GOP leadership is shifting, undefined. And in the gloom there’s a rabid struggle for basics.

Republicans are profoundly divided. On one side, there’s a religious camp, people who are fervently principled. Their spiritual source is the distilled standards in the Bible, which cannot evolve – actually, it is backward-looking, into ancient times. Yes, this fundamentalist camp is anti-gay, anti-immigration, creationist, and prayerful. 

On the other side, the other camp is everything modern: citified, cosmopolitan – wealthy centrists, lots of business people, who are  everywhere willing to compromise in politics, just as compromise (bargain making) is a centerpiece of business.  Their ‘book’- if you could call it that – is economics, Adam Smith’s book of self-centered acquisition. These folks are everywhere flexible, coiffed people, and writing forward-looking proposals and like that.

The fundamentalists hate that.

McCain looked like, sounded like, walked like a centrist. And now the fist camp has had it, is spitting teeth because McCain, as compromiser, diluted the party line to unrecognizable during his campaign. Interpretation: loss of soul, loss of strength.

Next, conservatives are by nature authoritarian. With Bush’s exit, the intolerable has happened: a strong-authority vacuum.

Now some brisk moves.

Weapons are being unsheathed and oiled for a streetfight. A righteous, Old Testament smack-up is coming, in which the religious ones will carve flesh from bone to take the party back from the market operators, the compromisers. Rush Limbaugh’s leading them, with his radio show. And lordy, is he pissed.

But it won’t work.

In America politics runs on money. But it’s the centrists who have the big money.

Concealed at the heart of this huge collision is a point rarely pursued on the radio: Religious fundamentalism is the natural enemy of capitalism.

All religions teach that materialism is a distraction from spiritual growth. (In Christianity the love of money is the root of evil.) It’s about purity of spirit and principle versus earthly pleasures. Truth versus decadent comfort – always has been.

And the other side, the centrists are mighty concerned, worried that this holy determination will lose them popularity – alienate voters.

That’s another concealed fold. See, religious fundamentalists don’t pay attention to the vote. Voting? Shove your votes. The Kingdom Of God is coming, and it is not a democracy.

This all looks interesting.

On the one side: God. On the other side: very big money.

Watch for damage.



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  1. Obama a “strong authority vacuum?” He’s kept most of Bush’s authoritarian legislation and added to it.

    Comment by Max | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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