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Keeping the pilot light on

Since the late 1970s and Ronald Reagan’s inauguration we’ve seen supply side economics, deregulation, an explosive growth of free markets, the sapping of union power.

The Left’s objective is still vague. Liberalism gets its spirit from equity,  justice, and collective action. That spirit is all but broken, witness the precipitous inequalities in America, witness the virtual disappearance from our language of terms like “the common good,” witness unions at their all-time low memberships, witness the Supreme Court retreating from enforcement of anti-trust laws.

During the Bush administration, the Left’s tolerance melted into passivity. Energetic leftists of the 1960s, once in the media spotlight, grew wealthy and cautious.

Not just that. Any spirit on the left was also broken down into fractions. Watch a peace march, a good place to find leftists, and you saw a sea of different banners, for as many different causes.  All of them good. But there is no center.

The left reached another crisis point. Since then, an agitated search for what’s to blame.

It’s partly the money. The left needs to find something else besides wealth. Today, everybody in America sleeps safe under a star, the idea that one day, they will be rich. Americans navigate their whole lives by that star. So commercialism dominates everything – and it has saturated even the left. Commercialism everywhere.  Lefties worry about their credit score and worry about security.

Sold out.

This President has abandoned any serious atteempts at facing up to the banks. It looks like loss of nerve.

Which way to turn?

After Obama took the presidency,  the first order of business was the economic collapse – undoing the money mess created by the Bush administration. Rebuilding our infrastructure. Rebuilding our schools. – But all of those had the tone of cleaning up somebody’s old wreckage.  Fixing health care.  Job by necessary  job.  But all that is not  ‘forward.’

It’s partly that Liberals have lost  their ‘forward.’  This is as deep a crisis as our submission to Wall Street.  It is a collective loss of nerve.

There’s no fallen flag to grab up in the Liberal movement because there is no longer any flag.

Congress has no unified ‘forward.’  The American people have no unified forward.  Once, we had the Occupy Movement. It suffered from lack of any forward agenda, and caved to police action.  So now liberals talk about their frightening college debts or get fearful about retirement. Since we have no more effective restriction on exorbitant interest rates, they sap anybody’s courage.

The heart of the matter is that there is no new ideology.

There’s  few leftist commentators, talk show liberals who churn the air like windmills.

But no coherent new theory, to unify.

Except here.

Only on this blog can you read whetherexploitation is ethical. Only here can you read about the contradiction between the American workplace – undemocratic and authoritarian – and the surrounding democracy. Read why social inequality is a killer (there’s new scientific evidence). About the long shadow of materialism. On widening corruption. Here the zero-sum concept is explained. Read how, in the long run, exorbitant greed may threaten democracyitself.  A brief summary of opposing Right and Left philosophies here andhere.

Opinion is power.

But every year for the last 30 years, debate has faded; the left almost became mute. Liberals have avoided theory confrontations. Not in Congress, not at beer parties.

Every time that happened, the left’s light dimmed.

Left ideology. This blog is where we keep the pilot light on.

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How the Right dominates

People are fascinated by conflict.

The Right wing is energetically shoving blame for the national economy onto the Left. One of the right’s bullies, Bill O’Reilly, dealt out his thrashings on t.v.

Right wing commentators run an ostentatious tyranny. It is the source of the public’s fascination with the Right.

The Left considers itself too nice for this bruiser style. The Left simply doesn’t have head-crushers like Limbaugh and O’Reilly. There is no Fox News on the left, and right-wing radio shows vastly outnumber left-wing. The Left thinks that being morally good, maybe showing a tolerant sense of humor,  should be enough to prevail.

It is not, and the Left has no real idea how to push back. So the Left, with its natural compassion, its collective action, its trust, its  usury laws, are all being put through the meat grinder.

Surviving a reactionary

One look at this man and you know you’re dead: here.

Civil war looming within the Democratic party?

The Democratic party has lost its soul. Here’s why.

If our children are being raised on Ayn Rand, we’re in trouble




  1. I see why the Left is bankrupt and in retreat. There is nothing but whining in this collection of Left Wingisms. There are no answers, none. The writers state what they do not like, and how “awful” it is…but have NO ANSWERS.

    Secondly, the left “dislikes” everything. Its total gloom and doom. Although there are more “black” millionaires in history created in the last 6 years…this Left Wing Blog howls that the end is near, children are dying, people are begging in the street for a scrap of bread. All of this is not true and the average American knows its just bogus whining.

    Thirdly, this Left Wing Blog goes about using code words for socialism and communism, which the average American knows that such words no longer have their original meanings, and are meant to raise taxes, and take away even more of their individual rights. The Left has always changed the meaning of words…that alone, makes the Left extremely untrustworthy, because the Left always appears to be trying to pull the wool over other people.

    The Left has always punished those who think, who are successful, who work hard, and now treats “rich” people with the same persecution as when Hitler persecuted the Jews. In fact, according to the Left, the “rich” (anyone with a job) are the New Jews. Most bizarre is the idea of the Left, that those with money and success should have less rights than the poor…subject to villification at every turn. Paradoxically, the Left never examines why people are poor. Do the poor have personal habits and ideas that make them continually poor? Of course they do. But, to the Left…being Poor is some how just as noble as Jesus being hung on a cross.

    The Left, in its religious zeal and idolatry of the “state” as the utopian answer wants to control every aspect of your life, and assumes that the average American is incapable of living without being dominated by the Left. As a matter of fact, Americans don’t like to be either controlled or insulted by the Left, who perceives everyone as incompetent but them.

    This blog is pure propagandistic sloganeering, without any in-depth research and discussion of the issues. There is no fair and balanced discussions allowed here. The Left appears to be clinically depressed and paranoid, and the average American rejects such a lack of optimism and self-hate. This blog claims “scientific evidence” but yet doesn’t state what it is…

    In fact, as an Atheist, I see this Blog as no different than a religion in which the Left demands that one “believe” without any proof of what you are claiming. Just “believe” in the Left, and be “saved.” In fact, Barack Obama is now the New Black Jesus of the left…going to lead you to promised land and save your souls. Is he? How? Is there any proof anywhere, that want Obama and the Left want to do will work?

    Have you ever tried to have a decent discussion with someone on the Left? Its often impossible. The Leftist begins screaming, and howling, and making one accusation after another without any discussion. NO discussions are allowed. Try and say something, and like Alan Combs, there is a constant interruption. The Left has demonstrated they have no respect for you, or tolerance for anyone else’s opinion or ideas.

    Is it then any wonder why so many are turning to Ayn Rand’s concepts whose philosophy promotes self empowerment, thinking, analysis, research, and respect for the individual’s wants, needs, and desires? The Left only desires that you just fall in line, don’t think, just “accuse” without proof…have a hive mentality, follow the Queen Bee of the Left without thinking. The Left is incapable of self examination or self criticism.

    The Left whines that “…for the last 30 years, debate has faded,” but then never asks why. The left has become mute, because they are shallow, do not mean what they say, have hidden agendas, hate everyone and every thing, and most of all hate “individualism.”

    The Left believes it is a perpetual professional “victim,” which is the anti-thesis of “individualism.” One cannot be a professional victim without also believing that such a person is incapable of solving any problems except by robbing and oppressing others. The Left “believes” that it can cure “social or economic inequality” by stealing money from other people, and those who earned it, and making everyone a “disposable tool of the Socialist state.” Your Left Wing socialism is nothing more than “theft.”

    There is no proof that any such ideology, attempted before by Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot or any other dictator has ever worked to create a Left wing Utopian World from the ideology of the Left’s religion. By oppressing others whom you don’t like, you do not make it all fair and even, you do nothing more than create just another run-of-mill police state, which uses as its curmudgeon, the “politics of pity.”

    All the progress and good that has ever occurred in the world, did not come from either a police state attempting to enforce a utopian world, a religion, or any government, but out of the minds of free men and women. Instead, the Left has created nothing but unthinking, knee-jerk little savages who do not think or create, but simply “react” when told to “protest”. I was at a coffee shop and it was being “protested” by a group of unwashed kids. I asked them “why” are you protesting this company? Their answer was “because its bad.” I asked “why” was it “bad?” They appeared stumped and as I had come from Mars…so well trained were they to “protest” without asking why. Finally, one of the brighter ones went and asked the “organizer,” and came back and said…”because they oppress the workers.” Well, I’ve been in these coffee growing areas, and the “company” a) gives these people jobs they would not normally have, b) provides and builds schools and clinics in areas where government cannot reach, and c) provides retirement and disability benefits, that the government doesn’t even give its own people. So, the idea that these knee-jerk Lefties were protesting a company that did so much good…became ridiculous.

    No one on the Left ever seeks information about what good a company does, or why? Companies take good care of the workers because “slaves” do not make good workers. Sick people don’t make good workers. Those who are poor and distressed don’t make good workers…and the list goes on and on and on. When I went into some of these areas in Guatmala on my last trip, I saw that their housing had improved, the workers had cars for the first time, their kids were going to school, they had electricity and refrigeration for the first time…and I thought, just exactly what would a Left wing government do for them after it had destroyed all means of capitalism and profit?

    Ayn Rand was right and saw the writing on the wall in the 1960s. In a study of the Left, Rand wrote “Return of the Savages” (1971), and she was correct when she stated that the Left would destroy the educational system in American schools and universities and quash discussion and dissent.

    Today’s “Leftists” are not Liberals. A true Classical Liberal is in the vein of Thomas Jefferson and the founders of the US…all functional atheists, who removed “religion” from government, including the religion of “self sacrifice” imposed by the state, and respect the rights of the individual. Jefferson et al, stated that every human being in the US has the potential to become successful. However, the Left believes that “success” is a dirty word.

    The Left is an abortion, it does not respect the rights of individuals to own property, or make money, or have original ideas. It is “positive Greed” i.e. one’s desire to achieve many things for one’s self, that is eventually shared with everyone. However, in the mind of the Left, anyone who makes any money, owns property, or has achieved anything, then becomes the new Satan. Corporations are seen as monolithic entities stepping on the little people. But in reality, a corporation is a group of like-minded people who create jobs, who come together to work as a team for a common goal, to produce goods that the Left uses and needs, and who can “leave” their place of employment anytime they want to. Corporations take huge risks, invest massive amounts of capital, engage in expensive R and D, and on and on, but yet, the Left perceives all corporations as “evil.”

    It is this ongoing, unbalanced, and unfair depiction of “greedy” Americans, that Americans know is not only not true, but, if the Left becomes the dominant political force the Left in its “hate” of anyone successful will raise their taxes, and put further police-state controls on their lives.

    The average American does not “trust” the Left…because there is nothing to trust. The policies of the Left were tried in this country and nothing good happened. This is the reason why there is no longer a debate regarding the Left having anything of value to promote the human mind, freedom, or to secure this country.

    The average American thinks about the Left, the way many think about their crazy old Aunt who has lived way to long,and constantly whines, and complains about everything. Most of us have just shut the door, and left the Left to their own devices and whining. Its amazing that you “know” that the Left is in decline, but never ask why…other than to always blame someone else for your own demise.

    So, before you finally leave, please turn the lights out.

    Diana Wilson PhD

    Comment by Diana Wilson | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Very Nice Dr. Wilson. Seconded.

    Comment by Chris Humbert | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. I also agree. Very eloquent and poignant.

    Comment by Gideon | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. I would go farther than you Dr. Wilson, I believe that the right is just as bad as the left. The lemmings are being led by blind obediance.

    Comment by Butch Jeffries | July 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. Diana–first, get an editor—curmudgeon doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does. Second, stop attacking straw men–“In fact, Barack Obama is now the New Black Jesus of the left….” Well no, he’s politician running for president.And, finally, stop reading Ayn Rand–all she offers is a dreary philosophy couched in mediocre writing. Read some nice books, maybe you’ll be less tense.

    Comment by erlking | July 27, 2008 | Reply

  6. […] recently introduced the Left Blog to my readers. But when I looked at the blog’s About page, I had to laugh out loud. There it was: a reader had posted a comment that is probably three times […]

    Pingback by Werner Patels — The Alberta Pundit » The ‘Left Light’ still on? | July 27, 2008 | Reply

  7. I really love how government is never to blame for anything, despite having their hands in practically every sector of the economy and your lives. There is no such thing – and there never has been – a truly free market. You can’t have a free market with government distortion. In fact, a free market can aptly be described as the absence of government or a voluntary, mutually beneficial arrangement between two or more parties. How is a market free when someone or something tells your or, more appropriately, forces you to do something?

    Think about it this way: government is power. When you are able to control the reigns of power by “winning an election” (read spend millions of dollars and/or steal it) you are now in a position to pretty much do what you please and get away with it (crack open some history books and read about your politicians). It’s power and political connections that allow all of these hated corporations to stay in power despite having abysmal accounting and failing businesses. It’s power that prevents a poor individual from starting their own business to feed their family when they have to deal with taxes, regulations, zoning laws, government banks, etc. The rich shut the poor out of the market because they control the government (the enforcement, the courts, the banks, etc) and prevent the poor from ever climbing out of poverty. That is not the inherent nature of a free market because there are no rulers (not no rules, so don’t interpret it that way). Markets become unfree and thus exploitative, when government interferes.

    The first person above annoys the hell out of me because she says the those on the “left” have it wrong – the don’t. While economically they put up strawmen and don’t really want to examine basic economic laws and how they apply, they are dead right about capitalism – as we know it today – being the exploitative device that it is. But, where they go wrong is their failure to see that these billion dollar corporations are only profitable because of their connections with the political class. It’s true, some people start business because they are greedy and see a chance for profit. With that said, does it make sense to create a giant corporation with a monopoly on the use of force; where it costs millions of dollars to become a member; where there are thousands of people connected to these corporations who lobby for laws on their behalf; where “majority rule” (really, rich white man rule) takes precedent over the minority rule; and where these corporations can turn to for favors when they realize they are no longer a viable company because someone has figured out how to provide the same thing to millions more people for half the cost?

    Humans are complex beings and to say that everyone starts a business solely to make profit is really hard to buy. There are many more factors that people think about before starting a business.

    Stop acting like government is the solution to our problems. How many more years are we going to put up with these greedy, power hungry assholes telling us they are going to help only to renege on their promises once in office. They either help out in the short run to bolster their reelection chances (and thus screwing over generations to come and handing them the bill) or they just don’t do anything. You don’t need left and right and the government. You need to let people have the ability to work directly with each other to solve problems. Thousands of years of government have proven that it doesn’t work because we still have war, we still have poverty, we still have poor education and healthcare, etc.

    I can tell the person on this site has never given the ideas and theories briefly discussed above a seconds glance because he/she honestly believes that the current situation with the housing market came as a result of the free market. The housing market was a credit induced bubble that resulted because of the inflationary policies of the federal reserve and the fractional reserve banking practices and cheap credit offer by government connected banks. It all goes back to government and their distortion in the market.

    Our discussions about politics and economics really has to be free of emotion if we are going to get anywhere. We all want to make sure the less fortunate are taken care of. We all want the best for others and don’t want to interfere in others lives. We all want to get rid of war and economic slavery. We just differ in our means. Once you really start digging, asking why and searching for the truth I think you will find that government (both left and right) do much more harm then they do good.

    Comment by Joe | July 29, 2008 | Reply

  8. I wonder what degree the good Dr. Wilson possesses. And from where.

    Funny she should call it “whining” when Americans are upset about what is happening to the country we love.

    Are abused children just “whining” when they want the abuse to stop?

    Are the parents of abused children just “whining” when they want the abuse to stop?

    So why are Americans “whining” when they want the abuse to stop?

    Sorry, doc. All the twisted rhetoric in the world will never get me to love my country less than a parent loves their child. You do bad things to my country, I’m gonna speak out. LOUDLY.

    If the good doctor would roll down her tinted windows long enough to see what is happening in our country, maybe she wouldn’t deny that there are many people suffering. (I’m just kidding. She would need some empathy for her fellow citizens. I guess her degree is probably not in Social Services.)

    Families in foreclosure – no matter the reason – are off her radar scope.

    And Denver is corralling homeless people into their football stadium during the Dem. convention specifically because they DON’T EXIST!

    As for more “black” millionaires, there are more EVERYthing in this country, doc. As our population steadily increases, there are more rich, more poor, more fat, more skinny, more blonde, more redhead, more tall, more short, more smart, too many dumb, more this and more that.

    So sure, go on. Credit Bush with there being more “black” millionaires. Just don’t offer any causal explanation. (Guess her degree is not in Statistics, Math, Logic, Epistemology, etc.)

    That the left has “always changed the meaning of words…”

    Huh? I guess you weren’t on this planet during the Reagan Administration. While Reagan was trashing the “double-dippers,” he himself was a “triple-dipper!” (He was concurrently taking retirement pay from the US Army, retirement pay from the State of California, and his Presidential salary, in direct conflict with the Constitution.) Of course, Reagan redefined the word “remuneration” so he could continue to violate the US Constitution. Look it up, Doc! (Guess the good doctor doesn’t hold a degree in Linguistics or Constitutional Law.)

    So it’s okay for Reagan to redefine the words in the Constitution for his personal gain. (Must be where “Dumbya” got his ideas.)

    It’s okay for “Dumbya” to change the definition of “torture.”

    Heck. Apparently it’s okay to the doctor to change the definition of “I do swear to … uphold the Constitution of The United States of America…”

    “The Left, in its religious zeal and idolatry of the “state” as the utopian answer wants to control every aspect of your life,…”

    Is this person real? Or is this computer-generated nonsense that was uploaded? (I sure hope she isn’t a medical doctor. Her analytical and diagnostic skills should frighten anyone. I can hear her now: “Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you, Mister Johnson, but your handwriting indicates that your car is pregnant. We’re going to have to remove that dorsal fin of yours immediately. Do you have insurance?” )

    And the left’s “religious zeal?” WOW! First the left is secular and anti-religion, then it is driven by religious zeal! WOW! You conservatives really do want to have it both ways. (And I’m not talking about Senator Larry Craig here.)

    But let’s just take a look at how the right wants to control your life:

    1) If you’re pregnant with your sister, because your father raped you, that’s too bad. You have to carry your sibling to full term. What happens to you or your kid after that, we don’t care. Just have the baby.

    2) You’re fatally ill with only 3 months to live, in constant pain 24 hours a day. You’re 83 years old and say you’ve led a full life. Incontinence and constant pain make your life a misery every minute of every day. You say you want to end it all, and go out with what dignity you have left. OOPS! Sorry! We right-wing religious fanatics have this belief – it begins with talking snakes… – that we will force upon you. You can’t end it all, that’s not your decision to make. It’s ours. And we don’t care how much you do or don’t believe in our two thousand year-old myths. We are the ones who will tell you what to do with the rest of your life.

    3) You’re that same sick 83 year old. You have learned (through diligent research on your own part) that medical marijuana can take away both your pain, and the nausea that you experience regularly. And it might help you get back your appetite, so that you might be able to live the next three months of your life (mandated by right-wingers) in a little less pain, able to enjoy your meals a little longer. OOPS! Sorry! Marijuana (made by their own God, as opposed to beer, wine, etc., made by humans) is this evil plant, which might get you hooked on harder drugs, 6 months after you’re dead! No, it’s too important that we continue to lie to our kids about marijuana, even though they’re smart enough to see through the lies. And even though that makes them not believe ALL of us when we tell them the truths about the truly dangerous drugs that we ALL want them to avoid.

    Nope, sorry. Not only do you have to spend the rest of your life (3 months) in misery and pain, you can’t seek relief with the bogeyweed. (I know, doc. All of this is way too far out on the empathy scale for you to relate to. But don’t worry, it’s really for the considerate people out there.)

    Well, we know that the right doesn’t favor “individual” rights in this country, and they doen’t believe in the concept of “States Rights” either. “Assisted Suicide?” Forget about it! “Medical Marijuana?” FAI! Demonstrate against [____fill in issue of your choice___]? FAI! Go over into that fenced-in area over there and exercise your 1st Amendment rights. What do you think this is, America? Who do you think you are, Crispus Attucks?

    So. Individual rights are out the window for the Conservatives. As are States rights. Well, we’re running out of categories, but we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of the Conservative cause: Corporate rights. BINGO!

    Have your pension ripped of by crooked management? Too bad! But don’t let your 13 year old get caught stealing a package of gum from Walmart.

    Big corporation lock you into a two-year contract, but won’t provide the services they promised? Too bad!

    Bank changed the terms you had both agreed to on your credit card? Too bad!

    Your son was electrocuted in Iraq because of faulty electrical work by KBR? Too bad!

    Well, I could go on, but I’ve got work to do. (Don’t fall off your throne, doc!)

    Besides, it’s not like we can replace the missing empathy gene into Conseratives.

    Comment by Thomas Pained | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  9. I just read Ms. Wilson’s post, and found some of her comments very interesting.

    “I see this Blog as no different than a religion in which the Left demands that one “believe” without any proof of what you are claiming. Just “believe” in the Left, and be “saved.””

    First of all, I have yet to read any statement in this blog that resembles “so what makes you want to serve George Bush?” True, may posters will take shots at supposedly conservative posts, but most are decent debates of ideologies (but, I imagine, read by Ms. Wilson as horrible socialist/communist propaganda since it does not fall into her tiny view of the world). The nasty replies I have read have been answers to vapid rants such as that from Ms. Wilson.

    Another interesting shot she makes is the “Left are the new Nazis” (Godwin shoots! And he SCORES!!!). Nazis worked with big business to gain and hold power, leaving anybody not associated with the government or business helpless. Please see the results of Gramm, Bush, & company’s work over the past years. An individual missing house payments due to catastrophic health issues? Take their house! A corporation losing money due to making bad loans? Give them a break – and a few dozen $Billion. (Thomas Pained gives some great examples at the end of his post.)

    PS – I am referring to Ms. Wilson as “Ms. Wilson” due to the excess granting of “honorary” degrees (even GW got one – and from one of those darn leftist universities – Yale!). So, if Ms. Wilson earned her degree by study and research, I will gladly refer to her as Doctor. I will even apologize for the oversight.

    Comment by Tom Woolf | August 3, 2008 | Reply

  10. Re: Think You’re liberal and you like Ayn Rand?
    Well put, but let’s not drag Nietzsche into this. I want to like you guys.

    Comment by Nathan Sugarman | August 12, 2008 | Reply

  11. The end appears to be near for conservatism. People who live in cities vote for Democrats. The land mass east of the Mississippi resembles Megalopolis already,not to mention the other urban monoliths. The American economy depends on housing starts. We need to diversify fast.
    Can liberty survive among 400 million people as diverse as we are? We’re having a tough enough time with 300 million.
    Let’s discuss the real future.

    Comment by Of mice n glen | August 20, 2008 | Reply

  12. Wilson’s (see Diane Wilson comment 1, above) sensitivity to “code words” is begging for some terminology that does not involve cryptic meanings. Perhaps this can help:

    U.S. Democracy == democrUSy
    U.S. Hypocrisy == hypocrUSy
    U.S. Corporatists == corporatUSt$
    U.S. Fascist == fascUSt ,,, plural =fascUSt$ ,,, plural possessive = fascUSt$’
    U.S. Capitalist == capitalUSt ,,, pl. = capitalUSt$
    U.S. Militarist == militarU$t ,,, = militarUSt$
    U.S. Corruptionists == corruptionUSt$
    United States of Israel == USrael or U$rael or Is Real Hell
    United States of Zionists == zionUSt$
    United States’ Terrorists == terrorUSt$
    U.S. Imperialists == imperialUSt$

    righteoUSnest$ (e.g., NYC Twin Towers/WallStreet, The Pentagon, U.S. Congress),

    ^^^ and so on Ms. Wilson. What of the above are “code words”? Obviously the code words are words like Democracy, Capitalist, Fascist, Israel, Zionists, Terrorists and such words thoroughly incorporated by the U.S. media that are employed by right wing U.S./Israel/Allies/Enablers (enablUSt$ ?) to try to sustain an irremediably and increasing unsustainable, morally and fiscally bankrupt United States of America on the backs of those who actually do, expected to be born to do, the real work in the United States (definitely not including U.S. moneychangers/inve$tors/capitalUSt$) and at the the insufferable expense of more than two centuries of the welfare of humanity and the global environment.

    Comment by igLu | August 22, 2008 | Reply

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