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Did Russia make Trump win?

The news is filled with calls for a congressional investigation into the part Russia played in Trump’s win. The investigation itself is a brave idea because of the possible discoveries. Some possible discoveries would be explosive-

1) That  Russia did indeed break into RNC and DNC networks, meaning they never were safe. That means other foreign powers could too (if Russia, then why not Nigerian or Iran hackers). But Russia did not manage to tilt the election. Or –

2) That Russia hacked, and tilted the election suggesting  that in general, national elections can be controlled from afar. Or –

3) that Russia controlled our voting technology from afar. Next possibility-

3) That there was something toxic contained in the hacked information that was bad enough to prevent Hillary winning. Of course we would want to discover what that part was. Or-

4) We discover that there was control from afar, but it was from Wikileaks, so please stop shouting at Russia.


5) We discover that Russia didn’t do it. This possibility is equally explosive because of the magnitude and width of the media noise on Hillary’s side. This possibility would suggest Hillary’s people en masse are deluded.  Hillary and any sympathetic Congress members would get buried in international scorn, cementing Trump’s win.


Another possibility is that the investigation itself is a temporary political strategy involving the CIA. We’re talking national cybersecurity, but would we be doing such an investigation if Hillary won? The Democrats are looking for electoral college defectors. This might sway enough electors. But the involvement of the CIA puts that agency at odds with Trump, if he starts presiding, and that would be another problem for national security.

The Russian interference investigation must proceed rapidly, dispassionately and completely, and in no way partially, because that would give Trump ammunition for noisy charges of Hillary’s crookedness.

The risks of this investigation to Hillary are also large.


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