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Trump: is he planning a dictatorship?

Trump is filling his new administration with some astonishing characters.  Three  of them are generals, and Bannon an officer – his top Administration is beginning to look like a home for retired military.

Trump is a businessman, corporations are the stars in his sky.  He will steer the good ship America that way. Perhaps less President than CEO of America.

But – all the generals.  Army officers do not work in democratic settings. The military is a command hierarchy. And all of those appointees have extreme personalities.  Stocking the top with men who are trained to expect automatic obedience is putting sharks in the carp pond.

Will they soften? Well, a dog that bites is a dog that bites.

Thing is, the world’s dictatorships often have this particular partnership of the military and plutocratic businessmen. The overall aim is efficiency. Yes, Trump may have risen to power as a populist emancipator, promising to eliminate civilian corruption. But in the name of getting this country back in the right direction, he is going to employ people who like war.

Securing the borders, a strong military defense, the promotion of science and technology – expect all of that. Many of history’s biggest and ruthless dictatorships are based on a cult of personality, and Trump has cultivated that first.

His TIME picture as Person-of-the-Year shows him sitting in a big armchair which faces the other way, he stretching around backward to see us – a picture filled with subtext. That is the way rich pricks notice average people.

Never take your eyes off the 1%.


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