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Hillary Clinton – does she like you?

Polls show that a lot less than half of American voters like Hillary. The sentiment seems to be mutual – she doesn’t like a lot of Americans either, especially Trump’s ‘deplorables’, those rowdy rednecks who will vote Republican.  Worse for Hillary, many of her voters don’t like her either. They are voting for her simply to prevent Trump winning.

She’s alienated Trump’s people. She’s alienated  Bernie Sanders’ people. She’s alienated lots of people who don’t have her her upper class values. So if she wins, she will be leading millions upon millions of people who she’s alienated, and that’s going to be a rough ride.

Every week, Wikileaks shows how saturated in dirty tricks her campaign has been.  If she gets elected, that information doesn’t go away. 

And it’s never been clear why Hillary wants to be President. It’s not the golf games. It maybe a sense of entitlement – it’s her turn. But she doesn’t talk much about leading, or showing the world how to do it right. Also, who in the outer world would listen if they know that a majority of her own citizens don’t agree with her?

Those people voting for Hillary only to stop Trump had better not get complacent as Trump’s polls fall. Hillary’s victory depends on that group.  


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