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Brutal Debate

The October 9th debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was vicious. Donald Trump threatened to jail Hillary if he became president. Hillary tried to abolish Trump’s campaign because of some scandalous things he said about women ten years ago.

The debate was uncorked insolence. It was more like a Jerry Springer show than an official event.

And we, the public, are being played by the press. All the top news outlets are giving us interpretations that are more like propaganda than news, which is fearful in itself, as the public’s trust in the media, a component of democracy, evaporates. 

The debate was a punch fest. Social media has mothers who are afraid to let their children watch the debate because these next presidents are acting in ways parents prohibit around the house.

Shows like this have huge audiences because they are both magnetic and repellent. A lot of disinterested people finally take interest in the candidates.

These debates will change the trajectory of national politics.


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