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Hillary Clinton – poseur among the poor

Poseur — One who adopts an affected attitude or pose to influence others.


If she looks like exceptional wealth, if she talks like exceptional wealth, there’s something five coats of paint will never cover: she’s exceptionally wealthy. She’s part of the nation’s oligarchy of elite rulers, and she has nothing in common with the poor and immigrant  minorities whose vote she’s trying to get.


In America the rich get richer and the poor get poorer – it’s called wealth inequality – and she’s part of that.


 She makes $200,000 for a speech. She has nothing in common with factory or street. She has nothing in common with the 1 American in 6 who faces hunger. 


After Bernie Sanders departed the race, Hillary has a wide stage to strut. But her lefty lines are never inspiring. Because she’s not inspiring. She’s fake.  







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