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Ayn Rand, atheist

Ayn Rand refused to let religion into her Objectivism.  At one point she bluntly said “Objectivism is in incompatible with any form of mysticism or religion.” (1)

Get that?

According to Rand you can’t be both a follower of her capitalistic ideology and a Methodist, Catholic, New Age spiritual believer, 12-Stepper, Evangelical, Southern Baptist, Mormon, Unitarian, Presbyterian or Orthodox Jew, unless you can walk on both sides of a fence.

Which poses a problem for millions of Rand-adoring capitalists because most of them believe in God.

She refuses that.

At another point in her letters she says she sometimes called herself an atheist as a kind of shorthand:

” I do not call myself an ‘Atheist’ as an identification of my metaphysical position…But I do use the term ‘Atheist’ in the appropriate context such as, for instance, in answer to the queries of religionists or of those who spread verbal confusion by claiming that ‘a belief in natural law is a belief in God’, etc.” (2)

If you’re a believer and you claim to be on Ayn Rand’s side,  you should first know that capitalism and Christianity are opposed. Rand’s Capitalism is selfish. On the other hand Christianity is prosocial and altruistic.

Jesus acted like an anti-capitalist, kicking money changers out of the temple. His freely distributing fishes and loaves among a horde was an act of socialism.

Any Rand went on to develop a sociopathic politics, here.

(1) Letters of Ayn Rand, M.S. Berliner (Ed). New York: Plume Books. 1995. p. 621

(2) Letters of Ayn Rand, M.S. Berliner (Ed). New York: Plume Books. 1995. p. 577



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  1. So what? The 2 subjects are different and mutually exclusive. Whether a god exists or not, humans cooperate better voluntarily, rather than from some commune-leaders (unless it is a very small group that can shun the non-contributers).

    Comment by frank | November 30, 2014 | Reply

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