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“Collateral Damage” – the video that got Bradley Manning 35 years in military prison

UTube here


Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years for leaking this miiitary video of an American attack helicopter killing civilians in Iraq.  The video comes from inside the cockpit of an Apache helicopter. It records the voices of the crew as they find some Iraqis walking on the street, then decide they are carrying weapons, then shoot them all to death.  Turns out they were not weapons the civilians were carrying but cameras.  Two of them were local reporters. Turns out one was not killed, he crawled away wounded and when a local van stopped to rescue him, the Americans turned the helicopter back and shot up the van too. Two school children were inside the  van. They were badly wounded.  Altogether maybe 12 civilians were killed. This is a wrenching video, the more so because the American crew were recorded adding comments like “nice” to their carnage.

Because Pvt. Manning turned the video over to WikiLeaks, he was court martialed and will now spend most of his life in prison.

The video Collateral Damage is also on WikiLeaks here 


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