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(It is not permitted to discuss the following)

It’s a free country of course, you can say anything. But raise these items in any social gathering  and the room gets very quiet

The massive military budget.  Different estimates are that from 20 to 42 cents of your tax dollar goes to defense. Is that good? And what’s the connection with for-profit industry?

What has Obama done to the anti-war movement?  He’s effectively whipped it.  Nobody’s saying anything. Except Z Net

Israel’s authority.  Currently the US gives Israel $4Billion a year. So far as anyone can tell, this is a gift.  Nobody can really explain why, since Israel is an advanced, wealthy, heavily armed nation. It does not manufacture cars or anything we need, and it does not sacrifice its soldiers in our wars. But Israel’s political influence in the US is huge although it has never been clear what Israel does, or has done for us, and our relationship with the country is ambiguous.  Sen. Liebermann of Connecticut is identified as Israel’s primary spokesperson in Congress. He is no longer a Democrat, having switched to Independent.

Question the money, or this relationship, is to risk being called antisemitic. (Brian Cloughley does in his article, Who Runs America?)

This relationship must be clarified. Israel should either be restored to status as a foreign nation. Or perhaps it should be be made a US colony.  After all the money we have sent, over the decades, we have paid for it several times over.

(We note that the unofficial translation of the Hebrew word goyim is cattle.)

Debt and coercion.  We must pay our debts, so off  to work we go. Meaning, we are not free not to work. For life, it appears (since the new bankruptcy laws). Well, they argue, a debtor had the choice not to get in debt in the first place. But any credit card holder knows that you owe interest money long after the principle is paid off, you have to keep working anyway.

What’s the distinction from forced labor?

Prison businesss.  Money-for-justice is an old topic, but the prison-industrial complex has grown so impenetrably ugly we don’t talk about it.  Business is business, and here judges get kickbacks for sending kids to jail. 

Government spying on and arresting dissidents.  The ACLU is at it again, complaining about the surveillance, harassment or arrest you can expect if you express your differences of opinion at  protests, peace marches, demonstrations and the like. Emily Spence points out here, a  longstanding practice to designate peaceful, law-abiding activists as dangerous and treasonable still exists in many of our government departments and agencies.  Want to get your name on the US no-fly list (along with Sen. Edward Kennedy and Nelson Mandela)? Make some noise: freely express your dissident political opinions in public.


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